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Armatura aluminium radiator

Armatura Aluminium Radiator

Available Models:
789-060-44 G500F
789-080-44 G500F
789-100-44 G500F
789-120-44 G500F
788-080-44-EX G600EX
788-100-44-EX G600EX
788-120-44-EX G600EX
792-060-44-EX ALICE 500
792-080-44-EX ALICE 500
792-100-44-EX ALICE 500
792-120-44-EX ALICE 500
can be integrated easily into copper system
modest weight that facilitates fixing radiators to walls
made of aluminium that provides extremely efficient heat transfer
built-in nozzles that facilitate transfer of heated air
modern profile
corrosion resistant
low water volume enables satisfactory integration with dynamic and automatic systems
may be used with gravitational water circulation installation
extended heat transfer surface (unit structure)
easily controlled; important feature in transitional periods when significant temperature fluctuations occur
packing; polyethylene foil and cardboard box prevent transport and storage damages

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